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Ela’s was founded by apple farmers who are obsessed with great apples, determined to share that perfect, picked-fresh taste with others.

Which meant completely rethinking how apples get from the orchard to the store in order to guarantee that you will get the best organic apples, every time.


Ela’s partners with the best apple growers in Washington State, and then hand selects only the very best apples they produce. If the apples available on a given day do not meet our standards, we won’t pack them.

What makes Ela’s special

Top 1% quality of all apples grown

Always USDA Certified Organic

Sourced from the top
Washington Farms

Protected from handling, bruising and germs

No more annoying, plastic stickers!

100% plastic free,

If that wasn’t all, Ela’s is good for the farmers too.
When you purchase Ela’s, you’re providing the farmers more of the profit they deserve for growing apples that are this good.

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